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Fic: He's Sin and Secret (Push Sequel)

Title: He's Sin and Secret
Author: Jude Araya
Word Count: 9200
Summary: When what was a fantasy turns into a relationship, 29 year old Kurt and 17 year old Blaine try to navigate the complexity of their particular situation -- differences that arise because of their age difference, the stress of keeping their relationship a secret and the fact that they're both secretly in love with each other.
Warnings: Consensual sex between a 17 and 29 year old.
Beta: Gingerandgair
Authors Notes: Sequel to Push. Heavier on the communication aspect because you know, what do you do when you fall in love with that innocent 16 year old at the coffee shop who is 12 years younger than you are?


“Do you ever get tired of being holed up in here?” Kurt asks suddenly. Blaine looks up from his math homework. He’s been frowning his way through the whole problem set, which Kurt finds adorable. He’s almost glad he’s of no help with math, because then he gets to watch Blaine mutter his way through it. That’s probably wrong but he gets a kick out of it.

“That’s like asking if I ever get tired of being with you,” Blaine says.

“Do you?” Kurt raises his eyebrow flirtatiously.

“Kurt.” Blaine levels him a look, pushes his book to the side and crawls over to him on the couch. Kurt catches him in a kiss, setting his sketches carefully aside. “There’s no where I’d rather be,” Blaine whispers across his lips. Kurt swallows his next questions. He loves time with Blaine too, but sometimes wishes they could do things. Movies with held hands. Go to the theater. Go anywhere but the same two “safe” restaurants out of town.

Even through the kisses, Kurt feels a small pang for the things he can’t give Blaine. As their touches heat though, he can’t help but thoroughly enjoy the things only he can give Blaine; his own body and touch and structure. Pleasure -- so, so much pleasure.

And so he does.

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