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Fic: You Make It Safe

Word Count: 1300

Rating: NC-17

Author Notes: I guess I have to write about the hard ones. I hope…please understand, despite the fact that there is sex here, it’s not gratuitous. This is something very personal. When I lost my father, I had such a deep fear of vulnerability. I never let go and cried the way I felt, unless I was with Mr Jude. He was and is the safest place in my life, and often, intimacy is just something that makes me feel very raw and connected to deeper emotions. So that’s where this fic was born. Because I needed to give this catharsis to Kurt and Blaine, who although are fictional, I care for very deeply.

Beta: Gingerandfair. Thank you honey.


“Kurt?” Blaine sits up, responding automatically to Kurt’s ringtone, eyes barely managing to open. He lets the warmth of his bed drag him back down, and he covers a yawn. He squints at his phone display. 3:47am.

“Hey.” Kurt says. Not sleepy, just…hollow. Lifeless like it’s been for weeks now.

“Honey, are you okay?”

Kurt laughs lightly, “No. Of course not.”

Blaine winces. Of course. “What’s-”

“Will you come over?” Kurt asks quietly.

“Sure.” Blaine swings his legs out from under the covers, shivering a little.

“I just…” Kurt breathes, “I feel really alone.”

“I’ll be there in twenty.” Blaine promises.


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