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Fic: Tides (Fade to Black!verse)

Title: Tides
Warnings (if any): Discussion of mental illness, small panic attack
Word Count: 18700
Summary: After an emotional one night stand on Valentines Day, Blaine keeps his promise to fight for reconciliation. Chronicles Kurt and Blaine’s journey as they re-learn each other, navigating the complicated ties between honesty, emotional intimacy and physical intimacy, and their promises to renew a future together.
Author's Note: (include beta username and artist username here). This story follows Comedown, Clarity in the Fade to Black verse. I want to say that anyone who found Comedown too hard to read, this story can be read independently. If you want a summary, you can find that HERE. Thank you to (artist) for her beautiful art, and to IconicKlaine for the wonderful beta, as well as to Anxioussquirrel and januarium for being amazing test readers.

Master Art Post: To come!


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