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Masterpost of Glee Fic

Master list is Currently being edited, will be reposted when finished!
This has not been edited in ages, there is missing work here. Visit my AO3 or Tumblr Fic page if you want to catch up until I get this done!

Kurt and Blaine struggle to find themselves, to fight their daemons alone. Until suddenly they're not. When Kurt catches Blaine's eye in a crowded nightclub, he has no idea that Blaine is struggling to get out of an emotionally abusive relationship; Blaine has no idea that Kurt's been trying to walk away from a series of mistakes that have left him feeling ashamed and have destroyed his self esteem. They don't speak that night, have no idea that everything in their lives -- heartaches and pain -- will be turned upside down.

Currently being edited, will be reposted when finished!

Fade To Black!Verse
A verse centered on the evolution of intimacy in Kurt and Blaine's relationship. Told in several stories, starting with The First Time - cannon through just before I Do, when it goes AU. Link to master post on tumblr with all story descriptions and links there.

Despite a 12 year age difference, neither Kurt nor Blaine can deny just how much they want each other. Blaine might only be 16, but he knows what he wants -- and what he wants is for Kurt to push him just a little.

Three stories that take them through learning what they want from each other to figuring out how to turn a spark into a relationship despite a very large age difference. Link to AO3 masterpost with story description.

Other Side!verse:
Benefits to having a best friend: someone you can talk to about anything, including the hot boy you’re dating, trashy Bravo television, and great sex. At least, that’s what Kurt and Blaine discover when their friendship evolves into friends with benefits. What could be better? AKA friends with benefits who fall in love.  Link to Tumblr Masterpost with story descriptions


Featuring Blaine and Kurt five years into their relationship, learning to navigate the complications and trials of commitment, family, and transitioning into adulthood.

Only Ever His- Hard R- When Blaine receives a picture text of Kurt kissing someone else, he thinks the
worst has already happened. Little does he know how much more is really going on. future!fic

\\1// \\2// \\3// \\4// \\5// \\6// \\7//   \\8// \\9//

In The Eye Of the Hurricane- PG-13- Blaine is learning that it will take more than forgiving Kurt to close the door on Kurt's betrayal. The morning after the engagement, one shot following Only Ever His, which should be read first.

Inside These Lines- (PG-13-NC-17)  In the wake of Kurt's mistakes, both men struggle to fix their relationship and move forward. They learn the hard way, though, that forgiveness takes more than forgetting, and that trust requires more than just time to rebuild.

\\1// \\2+3// \\4// \\5// \\6// \\7// \\8// \\9// \\10// \\11// \\12// \\13// \\14// \\15// \\Epilogue/

Heartlines- (NC-17) Kurt and Blaine take care of each other. In sexy, sexy ways. Takes place during Chapter 15 of Inside These Lines.

Thursday (NC-17) - Future fic in which Kurt picks up an new hobby while Blaine works on trying to get him to marry him already. Written for the kbl_reversebang featuring art by Nornagest


Dragonfly (G) his was written for warblermufletta as a part of a Klaineficspdfs gift exchange! The prompt was —     Prompt: AU Harry potter themed. Blaine was the most popular guy in Hogwarts, he was a Gryffindor and the quidditch capitain. Kurt was a nobody a very nerdy Ravenclaw with a big crush. they graduate from Hogwarts and now Kurt works at Flourish & Blotts and blaine at the Quality Quidditch Supplies store. He notices Kurt tries to woo him.

The Last Of The Great Romantics: (PG-13) Co-written with epanaphoric- Romance should be a two-way street, and when Kurt finds out Finn's been sending romantic texts to Rachel each day without getting any back, he makes it his mission to rectify the situation and put a smile on his brother's face each day, too.

Higher Than A Kite (NC-17) Co-written with epanaphoric - In which Kurt wants to comfort Blaine, who has a lot of inappropriate jokes to tell.

Moderation (NC-17) Kurt lectures Blaine on moderation so Blaine decides to toy with him a little. Fill for the Kink Meme- this was a lost little story that I found, I have to idea what the original prompt was. My bad!

Say My Name (NC-17) - Written for this prompt on the glee_kink_meme. Kurt accidentally butt dials Blaine during a very private moment. Despite his better intentions, Blaine listens in

Layers- R (Klaine) In which Blaine is driven crazy with lust by the slightest hint of skin.

What Goes Unsaid- NC-17 (Klaine) Kurt sees that Blaine needs something from him, ever if they've never talked about it. Warnings: D/s exploration and play, spanking, rimming, slut shaming dirty talk in a loving context, and lots of sex

Tethered- NC-17 (Klaine) Blaine thinks Kurt wants to try something new- something he’s not sure he’s ready for. Written for this prompt: Something smutty and/or humorous with Kurt and his bondage accessories. Written for the kb_holidays exchange for animal_sweaters

Something New- NC-17 (Klaine) Shameless PWP in which a platonic backrub goes awry. Written for the beautiful and amazing [info]doona_rose

Keep You Under My Skin- NC-17- (Klaine) Written for the [info]beyond_dapper Mini Hiatus Exchange for [info]frogy. Prompt was: Kurt/Blaine possibly bad idea, sloppy drunk!sex. Improbable first time shenanigans in a closet. My first attempt at PWP.

The Awesomehot Cake- R- (Klaine) One shot featuring Kurt/Blaine based on the prompt "cake", from the lovely [info]readfah_cwen! Featuring a perpetually horny Blaine, the objectification of a spoon, a cock blocking cake and Kurt Hummel's ass in those pants.

The Simplest Touch - PG 13- (Klaine) My attempt at a 5 + 1 that turned into a 4 +1 fic. Kurt and Blaine learn just how much touching can communicate.

The Weight On Her Shoulders- PG 13 (Hudmel Family)- It's there, just on the edge of her fingertips, this promise of so much more for all of them, something they've all wanted for so long without even knowing- a family. Or, the fic where Carole and Finn both work to fix things with the Hummel men. Written for this prompt in the [info]hudmels community.

Dazed and Desperate and Young- R (Klaine)- A small misunderstanding over dinner that leads to impromptu car sex. Written for the Sex In Vehicles Prompt at the [info]klaine_games Scavenger Hunt.

6 Drabbles:PG-R (Klaine, with appearances by Burt and Finn)  written for the [info]klaine_games scavenger hunt. Filled for the prompts: Wet Dreams, Glasses, Friction/Frottage, animal characteristics or behavior, pet names, and laughter.

On Cyborgs and Ashes- PG 13- (Furt, Klaine)- Finn comes home to find that Kurt has accidentally broken the urn containing his father's ashes. Written for this prompt at the[info]hudmels community.

So Damn Confused- PG-13 (Klaine)- It’s not so much that he knows he must be careful, tread with precision, when it comes to Kurt. It’s just that he is so damn confused.
 (Blaine POV) My first foray into fanfiction....oh the memories!

Part One   Part Two Part Three


Raspberries - (NC-17) - It's not the first time they've hooked up, but definitely the first time it's involved fruit.


Trust Fall (NC-17) - Co-written with epanaphoric - Kurt and Blaine discover that a lonely Finn is willing to put more than just trust in their hands.

[info]theunholytriad (STORIES WRITTEN IN COLLABORATION WITH [info]anxioussquirrel AND [info]stut_ter)

The Secrets series

Part 1: Dirty Little Secret, by [info]anxioussquirrel
Part 2: Guilty, by [info]stut_ter
Part 3: Settling in the Knowledge, by me
Part 4:  It's Not Unusual, by [info]anxioussquirrel
Part 5: Could I Be So Bold, by [info]stut_ter
Part 6: Twining, by me

Satin Ribbon:
Blaine wants to worship Kurt; Kurt wants to let him. Written for this prompt on the Kink Meme
Part One, by stut_ter
Part Two, by me
Part Three, by stut_ter

OnceShared!Verse (Blinn) R-

So this is a masterpost of my little drabble verse (telling this story in drabble installments of 500 words or less). The drabbles appear in the order they were written. Originally prompted by epanaphoric. Blinn centered verse, warnings for references to past character death (Kurt). I'm still taking prompts if you ever feel the desire to see more in this verse!

Once Shared (1/23/2017)

Anniversary (1/23/2016)

Breathe In (1/24/2016)

Dirty Little Secret (3/15/2019)

Sure (9/25/2018)

Morning After (Redux) (9/5/2017)

Hunger (6/29/2019)

All fic is for Glee, the majority of which is Klaine-centric. I do take prompts, but I don't always fill them if they aren't up my alley or don't "speak" to me. What can I say, I'm tempermental :D

I'm primarily on tumblr and AO3 as well, often fic will make it over there first.