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All fic is for Glee, the majority of which is Klaine-centric. I do take prompts, but I don't always fill them if they aren't up my alley or don't "speak" to me. What can I say, I'm tempermental :D

I'm primarily on tumblr and AO3 as well, often fic will make it over there first.

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Fic: Tides (Fade to Black!verse)

Title: Tides
Warnings (if any): Discussion of mental illness, small panic attack
Word Count: 18700
Summary: After an emotional one night stand on Valentines Day, Blaine keeps his promise to fight for reconciliation. Chronicles Kurt and Blaine’s journey as they re-learn each other, navigating the complicated ties between honesty, emotional intimacy and physical intimacy, and their promises to renew a future together.
Author's Note: (include beta username and artist username here). This story follows Comedown, Clarity in the Fade to Black verse. I want to say that anyone who found Comedown too hard to read, this story can be read independently. If you want a summary, you can find that HERE. Thank you to (artist) for her beautiful art, and to IconicKlaine for the wonderful beta, as well as to Anxioussquirrel and januarium for being amazing test readers.

Master Art Post: To come!


Read More at AO3/Tumblr

Fic: You Make It Safe

Word Count: 1300

Rating: NC-17

Author Notes: I guess I have to write about the hard ones. I hope…please understand, despite the fact that there is sex here, it’s not gratuitous. This is something very personal. When I lost my father, I had such a deep fear of vulnerability. I never let go and cried the way I felt, unless I was with Mr Jude. He was and is the safest place in my life, and often, intimacy is just something that makes me feel very raw and connected to deeper emotions. So that’s where this fic was born. Because I needed to give this catharsis to Kurt and Blaine, who although are fictional, I care for very deeply.

Beta: Gingerandfair. Thank you honey.


“Kurt?” Blaine sits up, responding automatically to Kurt’s ringtone, eyes barely managing to open. He lets the warmth of his bed drag him back down, and he covers a yawn. He squints at his phone display. 3:47am.

“Hey.” Kurt says. Not sleepy, just…hollow. Lifeless like it’s been for weeks now.

“Honey, are you okay?”

Kurt laughs lightly, “No. Of course not.”

Blaine winces. Of course. “What’s-”

“Will you come over?” Kurt asks quietly.

“Sure.” Blaine swings his legs out from under the covers, shivering a little.

“I just…” Kurt breathes, “I feel really alone.”

“I’ll be there in twenty.” Blaine promises.

Fic: As We Understand

Title: As We Understand
Artist: lokicorey
Author: JudeAraya
Rating (art/fic if different):PG-13/R
Word Count: 10K
Warnings (if any): Discussion/Reference of alcohol abuse, depiction of panic attacks.
Fic Summary: Kurt doesn’t want Blaine to get better for himself, he needs Blaine to get better for Blaine. The story of their journey through first love, of commitment and perseverance, and the fight to keep each other even through the hardest tests to their relationship

Authors Note: Thanks to Wowbright for answering my questions, to dyrnekeeper for being an amazing cheerleader, sounding board, and task mistress — seriously, without her, this story would never have happened. And so many thanks toiconicklaine for opening her life and experiences to me, for pinch hit beta, and for being an amazing beta, with the patience of Job.

Please do not be afraid to message me if you have any concerns about the content of the fic— although it does discuss alcohol abuse issues, they aren’t quite so severe as the art might lead you to believe!
Art Thumbnail: Thumbnail provided by
Link to Art: Here


He hears the flurry of knocks first, then a fumbling that he knows is Blaine’s attempt to open the door. The apartment is dark, only the gritty lights filtering in from the night through their windows.

The rescued dentist chair he’s been sitting in still feels cold, even though he’d parked himself there over 30 minutes ago when Blaine had sent him two almost unreadable texts and one slurred voicemail.

Everything feels cold; he pulls the soft cotton of his sweater tighter around his middle before unlocking the door and sliding it open. There’s no way to do it quietly, he can only hope he doesn’t wake Santana and Rachel up. This is going to be hard enough as is, adding their presence, when he knows their opinions will only worsen it.


“Baby!” Blaine trips, steadies himself on the door, then burrows in Kurt’s arms, too-warm face tucked into the curve of his neck. For a moment, he just lets himself hold, cups the back of Blaine’s head; he’s a little sweaty and through the smell of beer, just Blaine, just his compact body that shapes to fit his perfectly.

“Mmmm, smell ‘mazing,” Blaine says, kissing his neck, sloppy hands curling up his body.

“No.” Kurt holds Blaine lightly by the shoulders, keeping a distance between them. “Blaine, you’re drunk.”

Blaine sways slightly, eyes narrowed, and says, “C’mon Kurt.” He shakes it off, and Kurt’s hands, visibly annoyed, and when Kurt steps back and away, it’s with his arms curled protectively around his tightening stomach and his back almost painfully drawn straight. He never really knows who Blaine might be like this – sometimes angry, sometimes sad, occasionally flirtatious and inviting and happy.

“Blaine… you called when you were already coming over. Woke me up actually.”

“You don’ wanna see me?” Blaine’s voice goes up a bit.

“Shhh…” Kurt warns, motioning to the couch “Please don’t wake Santana and Rachel up.”

“Ku-urt.” Blaine sits, pulls him down with too strong hands. “Whoops! Din’… didn’t mean to…”

Kurt untangles himself.  “I want you to sleep here. Too late to go home.”

“On…” Blaine mumbles, already tipping his head down. “On th’ couch? But… you...”

Kurt kisses Blaine’s damp forehead, feels his heart curl close and painful inside, “I love you,” he whispers, too low for Blaine to hear, words that hurt on their way out, and wonders if it’s the last time.

Link to fic at AO3 (lj posting limits! Curses!)

Fic: All Such Things

Rating: NC-17
Length: ~1700
Summary: Summertime confessions, boys in love, and rimming
Notes: A birthday present for stut-ter, beta by Mrs-Tweezers


“You should drink more often.” Blaine hums. His face is sticky with humidity where he’s nestled it into the cup of Kurt’s neck. Kurt hums back as well, unfurls his fingers over Blaine’s knee where his skin is exposed.

“You wear the most ridiculously small shorts, you know?”

He smiles into the lazy press of Kurt’s words, the slow slide of Kurt’s thumb just inside his knee. It’s not a complaint.

“*That* is why I like you like this.”

“You don’t like me other times?” Kurt’s voice smiles; his thumb wanders a bit more.

“I love you always.” Their skin sticks a little when he pulls away from the heat of Kurt’s body, but the friction of their lips when they meet is the just right delicious it always is.

“Come on guys, break it up!” Finn cries out. They pull apart, Kurt stifling a giggle where he ducks his red face behind Blaine’s naked shoulder.

“Want to swim?” Blaine offers; the water looks cold and his body glows from the heat and Kurt so close.

“Yeah.” Kurt’s face is still flush against his shoulder, the humidity of his words and breath still manage to prickle Blaine’s skin shivery-right.


“Tell me something you’ve always wanted.” He watches Kurt on the chaise, the way sunlight strips across his feet, the sharp edges of sunglasses that reshape the beautiful always frame of his face.

“A Tony.” Is the instant reply.

“No,” Blaine jiggles their hands, clasped fingers sweating and tight wound, “Something I don’t know.”

Kurt is adorably drunk; not too drunk but enough that he’s all lazy muscles and slim limbs. His head rolls to look at Blaine, cheeks rosed from sunlight. He’s biting the corner of his lower lip but smiling still.

“Come here,” It takes two tries for Kurt to prop himself up and lean toward Blaine, but when he does, he manages to tilt enough to whisper in his ear, “I want you to lick me.”

Blaine pulls back, puzzled but turned on in an automatic way that’s second nature; the proximity of Kurt is enough to make him constantly aware, much less Kurt who is adorably buzzes and in a bathing suit, skin hot and soft.

“I do that all the time though.”

“No,” Kurt looks away and clears his throat delicately, “I meant-” His eyebrows waggle as if to convey the secret meaning of his words. Damn, he knew that last wine cooler was a mistake, Blaine chides himself. He feels sun stupid and lost.


Kurt just waits a beat, smiles wider and slides to sit up. “You’ll figure it out. Want some water?” His hand ghosts over Blaine’s cheek before he turns to the deck where the coolers are.


It’s dark out, still sticky and humid, the sort of heavy, hushed air that promises storms later in the night. The heat will dissipate with the rain, but that’s little comfort now, when he’s still too warm, his clothes damp against his slightly burned skin. He’s sobered a bit, and so has Kurt, but they are still skirting the fine edge of tipsy. It’s just fun, one of their last moments with friendships that will scatter soon, prisms of light beaming across the country.

“Excuse me, I am far too wilted.” Kurt untangles himself where he’d been situated between Blaine’s legs. “Time for a costume change.” He runs his finger up Blaine’s thigh as he stands, surreptitious but definite and intentional.

Blaine doesn’t even care how obvious he is when he stands a few minutes later to follow. Because somewhere between lounging in the shade and migrating toward grilled food and good friends, he’d figured out what Kurt had been talking about.


“Hey,” Blaine whispers, closes the door with his back.

“Hey.” Kurt does the eyebrow raise thing that kind of turns him to jelly. His shirt is hanging limp from his fingers.

“You called?” Blaine does his own eyebrow thing, the one he thinks must be faintly ridiculous given what they look like, but Kurt always gets this fond look when he does it, a look like love when it is at its most gentle.

Blaine does it as often as he can.

“Did I?” Kurt does love to tease; turns his back to bend and retrieve a clean shirt from his overnight bag. He hardly moves when Blaine slides his hands around his hips and pushes his mouth up the line of his back, hard lips and sucking kisses.

“*Your freckles*,” Blaine closes his eyes against the spin, the dizzy rush of this something bright hot when he noses the slope of Kurt’s newly freckled shoulders.

“Careful,” Kurt’s shoulder twitches under his mouth, “not to say the wrong thing.” His voice teases but Blaine hears clear the insecurity there. Tries not to smile because *oh*, this boy and the things that make him beautiful, the way those things make him shy away and curl in.

“Can I just say then,” He whispers into Kurt’s ear, “That you devastate me like this.”


“You’ll see.” He promises. Kurt’s body is tight and trembling under his sliding hands, cupping and scraping where Kurt likes it best — his hip bones and the line from belly to sternum, and then barely teasing where he wants it most, soft peaked nipples and along his collarbone. Blaine presses his needing body as close as he can, mouth heavy on the knob just at the top of Kurt’s spine and dick so hard against the curve of Kurt’s ass.


“So what’s on the agenda then?” Kurt’s arms hang loose over his shoulder, legs easy open and curling around Blaine. They’re still mostly dressed but everything between them is fine and fine hot and live wired.

“Didn’t you already tell me?” Blaine bites Kurt’s ear.

“Hng?” It does something to Kurt when Blaine does this, works these secret places between their bodies.

Blaine pulls away. “Roll over please.”

Kurt’s eyes are bedroom heavy, chest moving in staccato, and then he does, trusting.

“I’m still not clear-”

“You said you wanted me to lick you.” Blaine runs his hands down Kurt’s beautiful back, slows the skittish shying of his body at the words.

“I didn’t think- I mean, now?” Kurt’s face is buried where it’s propped on his folded arms, spoken into the soft comforter of a strange bed.

“Hmmm.” Blaine’s fingers are already working his shorts down, one hand slipping under his pelvis to tilt it up and undo the button at the front. Kurt squirms a bit, helping but jolting a little with nerves. “It’s okay,” Blaine kisses his sacrum, “I’m here. It’s okay.”

“I know.” Quietly, Kurt breathes out his nerves, the words permission.


He starts slow, unsure and more nervous maybe than Kurt. Blaine has no idea what he’s doing, but he wants this to gift to Kurt; wants to wreck Kurt with it.

Rimming has always been this *thing* — this sort of amorphous maybe-one-day sort of act — one he’d never anticipated doing until much, much later.

Not that he is at all opposed. He’s like…the opposite of opposed. He’s so not opposed that his whole body is already throbbing close and he’s not done more than kiss down the round of one buttock, skimming his tongue along the crease just below toward the space between Kurt’s legs.

“Open.” He asks in whisper, nudging Kurt’s thighs apart and encouraging Kurt to settle his knees under his body a bit. Blaine bites his lip, uses his thumbs to spread Kurt’s cheeks. Kurt whimpers and shifts. “Shhh,” Blaine kisses him again, just at the top of his crack. “You’re so beautiful Kurt. You make me want you so much.”

“Huh,” Kurt grunts out softly when Blaine licks him, tongue tentative, hot wet from his perineum to where he’d just kissed moments before.

“Good *huh* or bad?” Blaine mumbles against the spit wet skin. Kurt’s breathing ratchets with each pass of his tongue.

“G-good. ” He whimpers softly and so Blaine sucks harder where his lips had sealed around his rim.

Blaine pulls back, runs his thumb around where Kurt’s asshold clenches, light brown starburst shiny from his mouth. Experimentally he puts pressure against it and moans when Kurt shudders hard enough to dislodge his grip.

“You really like this don’t you?” Blaine bites down Kurt’s ass before dipping back in, circling and circling his hole with increasing intensity before pressing and pushing and working the tip in. Kurt heaves and cries out above him; thing of wonder, is Kurt like this, heavy leaned into pleasure. A different boy that only he knows, that no one else will ever know like this, easy with sex in Blaine’s hands and against his mouth, scorching inside where only Blaine is trusted to be. “Can you come like this?”

“Please don’t-” Kurt begs in whispers, circles his hips minutely against Blaine’s mouth, “Don’t…don stop, please Blaine.”

“No,” Blaine’s tongue slips in then and he doesn’t speak anymore, just works and fucks his tongue in. Each of Kurt’s cries incites a visceral reaction in Blaine’s body. He’s seconds from coming, holding and holding himself back, the edge of orgasm trembling through his erratic jolting muscles and helpless teenage body.

“Oh, oh *fuck*-” Kurt’s spine arches suddenly, then bows when he pushes himself back onto Blaine’s tongue, riding it through and through and it’s with wonder that Blaine keeps himself just there, Kurt ‘s muscles fluttering hard around his tongue and he comes and comes and Blaine does too, grunting through the white washing his vision.

Kurt sways on hands and knees, back concave lax, the perfect hollow for Blaine to lay his forehead. They breathe together like they’re windspent, still rocking on the after edges of orgasm and the tight tight vicegrip of love.

The don’t fall to rest so much as heap, tangled boy limbs still coltish and awkward. They’re growing into men; their bodies and hearts and the fired gold heat of need and intimacy.

“All such things should start with few words.” Kurt runs sleepy fingers along Blaine’s bicep.

“Sounds wise.” Blaine tries to wake himself a little. “Who said that?”

Kurt laughs, “I did.”

“Oh?” Curious now, Blaine props his chin on Kurt’s chest. “Like ‘lick me’?”

Kurt’s eyes, that dream blue of post sex, roll and then smile, “Yeah that too. And,” A kiss on the nose, “I love you.”

Fic: More

Prompted by istytehcrawk and bordering-on-the-avant-guard on tumblr

Summary: Rimming. PWP. And rimming :D


Kurt snickers against Blaine’s neck, hands sneaking under the hem of Blaine’s shirt.

“Kurt-” Blaine trips, then straightens them both, disengaging Kurt’s wandering hands. “You’re going to kill us.” He stumbles again.

“I think you’re a little drunk,” He follows Blaine up the stairs obediently, keeping close, forehead between Blaine’s shoulder blades.

“I think you’re the pot.” Blaine laughs, then squeaks when Kurt snakes his hands back under his shirt, gripping his sides as they climbed the last set of stairs. Kurt’s hands are big, encompassing, and Blaine’s body feels so small. He fights the flutter of his eyes; it’s something he loves, feeling almost helpless, like he knows Kurt could take him anyway he wants, moving him rough-tender and using.

“I don’t smoke pot.”

“No,” Blaine sighs, shoulders shifting Kurt’s speeding breath hot between them, “I meant, pot, kettle you know-”

“Oh god, finally.” Off the stairs at last, Kurt manhandles Blaine around and crowds him against the wall in their hallway.

Oh-” Blaine manages faintly, tilting his head a little, stretching his neck into Kurt’s lips and bites.  “K-Kurt,” He pushes Kurt away with shaking hands, “Inside please.”

“Ugh, shut up.” Kurt moans against his neck, but still moves away. Blaine’s neck feels startling cold where Kurt’s lips had been.

Kurt doesn’t stop crowding him as Blaine struggles to get the keys in the lock of their door, almost falling through once it opens because Kurt is plastered all along his back, hands already pulling his shirt up.

Blaine is shirtless by the time he’s swung the door closed.

“Take off your shoes.” Kurt breathes into his ear, fingers twisting his nipples deliciously.

“What?” Blaine has to laugh a bit, but still obeys.

“Fuck,” Kurt has his hips in hand, grinding the long line of his erection against Blaine. He moves one hand, thumb skirting the skin of his exposed back. Blaine’s wearing low slung jeans, the ones Kurt picked for him, and he knows that bent, shaking hands undoing his shoes, his lower back is exposed in a way that drives Kurt crazy.

“Thank you, god,” As soon as his shoes are off, Kurt pulls him up roughly by the shoulders then pushes him chest forward against the back of the door.  Blaine gasps when Kurt bites the muscled curve of his shoulder.

“Pants down,” Kurt orders, and Blaine complies as quickly as he can. He can feel the moisture from his heavy breathing, trapped against the wood of the door. His forehead presses hard into it as he struggles to pull them down. He can hear the thunk of Kurt’s knees hitting the floor, demanding hands pulling his pants off on leg at a time.

“God Blaine, your ass.”  Kurt runs his hands up the insides of his legs, resting them with each cheek cradled in their palms. When he digs his thumbs in its with impatience  and admiration, the slight dig of his nails soothed by the sucking kisses Kurt is laying over each. He nibbles and sucks and licks his way slowly from the crease where his ass meets his thighs, up and up and up until his mouth can’t push the fabric of his boxer-briefs up any further. “I can’t even tell you how gorgeous you are. Thank you.”

“Thank you?” Blaine squirms, arching toward Kurt’s hands. He feels strung out and incredibly exposed, presenting himself shamelessly.

“God yes, I love eating you out, you taste so good.”

“Kurt, oh god you can’t say things like that.”

“Spread.” Kurt licks softly at his sacrum before sucking a hard kiss that leaves Blaine whimpering, all the nerves of his body rolling electric from that epicenter of pleasure.  “You’re so sensitive here.” He can hear the awe, the warmth in Kurt’s voice. Blaine bends at the waist, pressing himself back against Kurt’s rough mouth, and spreads his legs even wider.

This, he thinks, is what he loves, when Kurt knows he’s so desperate his body moves before his mind can catch up. He never waits when Blaine is so helpless, doesn’t tease; he goes for it, starting hard and fast the way he knows Blaine needs it. Kurt’s tongue is so hot, Blaine can feel the heat even against his pleasure-pumping body that feels radiant, scorched.

“You like that?” Kurt’s lips are still so close to him, words minute vibrating against his skin.

“Yes, yes,” Blaine’s fingers scrabble against the door, “Don’t stop, don’t stop please.” He’s  breathless, voice pitched high and demanding. He moans long when Kurt brings his mouth back, presses his tongue against his aching hole.

“Want me inside?” Kurt’s thumbs slip through the wet of his own saliva, massage deliciously around his rim. Blaine’s body never needs more than a little encouragement to begin opening. Kurt uses his palms and strong fingers to hold his cheeks as wide as possible, burying his face in Blaine’s crack. He uses his tongue softly now, licking gently and with careful intent around his sensitive rim, just into where his nerves hunger and flare bliss straight through to his so hard cock. Kurt licks and sucks and whispers filthy loving things against him. His nose nudges up the crevice of his ass back to his sacrum, digging his teeth in while he slips a thumb in, gliding through the spit carefully. “Oh my god Blaine, you love this don’t you, need my mouth fucking your ass? Need it so bad. Want my tongue fucking into you, don’t you?”

Yesyesyes,” Blaine is shaking, struggling to hold himself up, dizzy with how good it feels.

“Can you come like this, B?” Kurt slips his thumb out. Blaine knows it’s because doens’t want to hurt him where there’s not enough lubrication to really move inside the way he needs.

“Your tongue, please.” Blaine begs.

“You’re so dirty, desperate boy... I, god-” Kurt licks down, one slow, wet stripe, then moves his mouth over his hole again, and Blaine cries out, loud and high, when he fucks his tongue into him. And it’s so good, too good when Kurt just goes for it, sliding his tongue in and out hard and fast. The apartment is filled with the sounds of his breathing and the slurping of Kurt’s shameless mouth, both of them whimpering and moaning.

“So, just- please, please, yes, fu-uck” Heat rolls through him, warmth a harbinger of coming pleasure and the build of his orgasm. He’s leaking and throbbing untouched, cock thick hanging helpless in the air until everything gathers tight, tight and he comes, streaking spunk against the door and down to the floor. Kurt keeps his tongue inside him, moving it in tiny increments around the fluttering and pulsing, milking the searing pleasure and his incredible orgasm until he’s shaking so hard he can’t stand anymore. He crumples slowly, panting and trembling. Kurt’s behind him, holding him, hands running all over, skirting his stomach and arms and thighs, grinding his cock hard against Blaine’s still wet crack, stuttering high moans into Blaine’s neck. It’s only moments before he comes; Blaine shudders, relishes the warm ooze of Kurt’s come, arches his ass against the spasms of Kurt’s dick; wants to feel the stick of it against his skin.

“Oh my god, thank you.” He leans, boneless into Kurt; knows Kurt will always hold him up, support the slump of his body.

“Blaine,” Kurt whispers into the hollow behind his ear, “Blaine.” He can hear the reverence, the sheer magnitude of love and care in his voice. He works his hand between them, uses one finger to smear his come into Blaine, using the tip to work just inside his rim.  It’s incredible and a little too much which he loves, overstimulated and anticipating what he knows comes next, when Kurt recovers enough to fuck him. And he’ll beg for it, beg to be fucked so hard it hurts. Blaine turns his head, kisses Kurt deep and lush. He feels the love where it unfurled, the sway of emotion that’s so much he feels incandescent with it. He never has to say it in the afterglow, neither of them do, because their bodies move helpless with need and care and devotion no matter which way they fuck or make love.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Blaine breaks from Kurt’s lips to murmur into the hush of aftermath. Kurt smiles, eyes glittering bright.

“More?” HIs hands grip Blaine’s hips, fingers digging against his hipbones.

“Bed.” He laughs, stands shaky and weak like a colt, stumbles against Kurt when he climbs up too. They hold hands, weaving, giggling into the anticipation of more, and more, and always, more.

Fic: Like This

Pairing: Klaine
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~1800
Featuring inexperienced boys being too horny to take off their clothes.
Notes: Quick fill for the kink meme! Prompt


“Oh wow.” Blaine arches into the weight of Kurt’s body when he rolls, unsure and a little tentative, over him

“Yeah?” Buried in the sweet stretch of skin curving from Blaine’s ear to collarbone, Kurt’s shy response is almost lost. He kisses, gentle but insistent from the arched bone of his clavicle up to the hollow behind Blaine’s ear.

“De-definitely.” He breathes out the stuttered confession quietly.

“Good.” Kurt lifts up, twinkling a smile at him, then rolls his hips hard against Blaine. His skin too hot under his clothes; they’ve only been kissing for few precious minutes and he already feels frenzied for more.. “Here-” Kurt works to slip a hand between their bodies, tying to untuck Blaine’s shirt; it’s not graceful (they’re pretty unpracticed still at the undressing thing). After a moment, Kurt seems to give up, shoving it up gracelessly until it’s bunched under Blaine’s arms.

“Kurt-” Blaine shudders into the scratch of Kurt’s nails, catching his nipples. Nothing between them and sex is perfect yet, but the discovery — oh the discovery of their bodies and intimacy is so good. And Kurt right now, suddenly more confident than he’s ever been… it’s evocative and immensely sexy. “Oh god, I like you like this.”

“Like what?”

He’s meant to answer, but words fail — what are words when he’s lost to the bite and drag of Kurt’s wet mouth on his chest and over his ribs where it’s almost too sensitive and he has to shudder down a laugh.

The heat of Kurt’s mouth is suddenly gone; Blaine eyes pop open as he lets out an embarrassingly loud whine,

“Relax.” Kurt moves to lay himself on top of Blaine, fumbling to position himself.

“What- no,” Blaine protests when Kurt props himself up.
“I don’t want to crush you.”

“I like it, don’t stop.” Blaine groans then, when Kurt’s eyes widen and his whole body sinks down, buries Blaine deep into the plush of his comforter. His cock throbs; he tries to shift to get closer to Kurt’s, to line them up, but only manages to buck Kurt a little to the left and almost off of him.

Kurt rolls back with a small giggle, and he’d care more about how awkward he is, but he’s so not because he wants Kurt to kiss him a little dirty the way he only does when they’re really in it. It’s only happened like that a few times, when Blaine’s got Kurt in hand or pressed against him, murmuring encouragingly and coaxing him from his shell until Kurt’s sweating and trembling and so close he can’t hold back any more.

Only now it’s Kurt doing it, guiding and pushing Blaine higher and higher. They are moving against each other; it’s unpracticed and imperfect, they aren’t quick in sync but he’s managed to lean up and take Kurt’s lips, lead him down until his head is back on the pillow and Kurt is licking into his mouth.

“I can’t-” The friction of their pants is a too much, but also not enough because he wants to feel Kurt only the more Kurt kisses him the more frantic he gets. Kurt is so heavy on him and it’s delirious good. Blaine knows he’s a little rough, grabbing Kurt’s ass to hitch him closer; he really can’t help himself though. Kurt breaks the kiss to hiss a little protest of discomfort.

“No, don’t, don’t stop.” There’s sweat starting at the edge of his hair line. His body feels luminescent with heat.“Oh god,” Kurt’s breathing against his cheek, movements erratic, echoing his own desperation. “Hold on just- just let me-” Kurt lifts his hips a little, rises on his elbow next to Blaine’s head, and fumbles to undo his zipper. Blaine works on his own, then greedy fast tugs on Kurt’s pants, only they are so tight and Blaine feels like he might explode soon if he doesn’t come.

“Fuck this,” He spreads the flaps of his jeans apart, cups one hand high on Kurt’s thigh and grinds them together, cocks rubbing through their underwear and he’s so gone he can’t even let himself stop long enough to undress them more. “Oh god, Kurt, hold me down,” He’s chanting and begging and Kurt’s humping and grinding, “Just fuck me please.”

“I am,” Kurt cups his hand around Blaine’s cheek, moans and then pushes Blaine’s head to the side, exposing his neck. Kurt’s fingers are firm around his chin. Despite the fact that they are almost fully clothed, Blaine feels deliciously naked, vulnerable to the bite of Kurt’s kisses and the subtle vibration of his moans. “God I think about you all the time like this.” Kurt’s breath is so hot, almost damp in his ear and Blaine can’t help the way his breath hitches around the whimpers, feeling Kurt’s hand gripping him with incredible confidence.

“I think about you, about sucking you and fucking you in this bed all the time, and I come so hard.”

“Shit,” Blaine’s eyes close; he can feel his muscles go suddenly lax then tighten when the flush of impending orgasm sweeps through him. It’s washing him helplessly and he feels so much, he just needs it, needs to be as close as possible; sucks one of Kurt’s fingers into his mouth and bites down when his orgasm finally slams over and through him. Kurt’s dick is still rubbing against his; Blaine is throbbing and coming and Kurt’s palm is so hot where it’s sealed over Blaine’s lips.

Kurt’s hand pulls his chin up, a little rough and is so. fucking. hot. When Blaine opens his eyes it’s to find Kurt’s, green shimmered and blown out, watching him. His lips are open and wet. Then he shudders, starts sliding his finger in and out of Blaine’s mouth, fucking it over Blaine’s tongue, closing his eyes when he rolls and groans and comes. It’s sticky and wet and scorching between them while Kurt’s cock pulses and jumps against his. Blaine lets him ride it through over his own sensitive dick, crying out muted while Kurt slowly eases his finger out.

Kurt is heavy over him, loose and shaking the way he does after orgasm. It’s sweet and makes Blaine feel unbearably tender and trusted.

“Am I too heavy?” Kurt’s mumble is sleepy sated and he makes no move to lift off of him.

“No, no,” Through the material of Kurt’s shirt, still tucked into his pants in the back, he can feel the heat emanate from Kurt’s body where his palm sweep with reverence over and over. “It’s wonderful.”

Blaine bites his lip, rubs his cheek against the top of Kurt’s head. “It’s what I needed, today.” He finally admits, a quiet confession that feels a little frightening but absolutely right.

Kurt lifts up a little, gifts him the most tender of kisses, glowing smile with eyes softened by love. “Then I’ll be sure to give it to you whenever you do.”

Fic: Comedown, Clarity (Fade To Black Sequel)

Rating: -NC-17

Word Count: 0k

Summary: rowing up and getting past heartbreak are hard things to do. In the aftermath of Blaine’s infidelity, both boys struggle to work towards resolution — both with each other and individually.

Warnings: iscussion of mental illness, infidelity, and suicidal ideations

Pairing (s) urt/Blaine, tiny Kurt/Adam, mention of Blaine/Eli

Notes: he only othe FTB!Verse tory you might want to read prior to this i Rending, as it’s referred to in this one. This is a hard story, but please remember that I only do happy endings. There is another story to be told after this one. If you avoid spoilers, only read Ch 1 now and save Ch 2 until after Thursday. As incentive to get you to Ch 2, I promise there is quite the sexin’ in there

Beta(s): Cimms, Axe and Riah. Additional thanks for handholding and cheerleading to punk, stutter and gingerandfair. You are all amazing



Sometimes, Blaine does things he doesn’t understand.

When he does them, it always seems like the right thing. Most of the time it’s a decision made in a moment, and then it’s a tidal wave, the cresting of some impulse he can’t help but follow through on.

It’s the comedown that always hurts. The clarity after a moment that seemed like just the right choice — only it’s so startlingl not.

But it’s never hurt so much as those few seconds after Eli rolled out of bed. By the time Blaine has shrugged into his shirt, his whole body is shaking.

He can’t sleep that night — that’s not unexpected. Not when his skin crawls and the images of what he let himself do won’t leave him. He pictures Kurt, sweet in love. Ears pinked in cold. Heart split open with him, only with him, the most vulnerable bo jus for Blaine. And it’s all a mess because tied up with all of those images and memories (ones that hurt, a physical ache that curls his body while he chases sobs into his pillow so his parents won’t hear), are these new memories.  

Eli had been different. Had touched him differently. Hadn’t known what Blaine liked. Still, touch was touch and when he’d been in that bed, Eli’s fingers had felt like water. Blaine knew he’d been withering without Kurt. Late into the night, in the lingering after, he realized it wasn’t touch he’d needed. Not that kind.

It was love.

Touch with Kur ha been love. It had been plenty of other things, but Blaine had never lied to Kurt when he’d said that any way they did it — fucking or rubbing sweet against each other, lips tattooing tender words into each other’s skin — it was always making love.

Sex with Eli wasn’t in any way love. And he’d not been expecting love, of course. But he had thought it might make him feel better. Human touch was something he starved for without Kurt. Bereft of it, he felt himself drying up.

It was Kurt’s touch that replenished and filled him up whole.

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Fic: Entice Me, Ignite Me

Fic: Entice Me, Ignite Me

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Kurt and Blaine explore the boundaries of their new D/S dynamic with the introduction of a new sex toy

Word Count: k

Notes: This was supposed to be a wow. I want to say this is not beta’d as of yet, so it might be full of errors. Thank you to djchika and controlofwhatido for encouraging me to write this story, and to countess7 for helping me along.

Collapse )